We are pleased to introduce the T-CO ClearView™ Processor. As you can see, the ClearView™ transparent tank is designed to optimize the life size viewing and analysis of each critical stage of processing. When used in conjunction with the biodiesel process, all phases can be visually observed as they occur throughout the processing. See the following sections for a more detailed look at the benefits of using the ClearView™ tank in the Biodiesel making operation.

In addition to being a fabulous learning and teaching tool, the T-CO ClearView™ tank's "transparent" design permits a dynamic visual impact which greatly enhances cognitive learning skills. A multitude of variables exist in processing Biodiesel, i.e., different feedstock, reactants, catalysts, glycerin separation and settlement, water washing and settlement and drying. These are further illustrated by the use of videos in each section of this presentation.

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